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The TCP/IP is very unique to my website. Once you hear how this works it will have everyone hooked.

Approximately 2-3 times a week, I am going to host a TCP/IP game. Everyone that joins must start with a new character. There is no hacking allowed. Everyone who joins this game, will first inform me their characters class, and the name that you will give your character. You may only use this character in this hosted game. Meaning, when the game time ends, you must wait until the next session, until you may use your character again. You may only trade with other characters in the Rogue Encampment, so don't ask anyone to trade with you unless they are there.

Once or twice a month we will have our own little "gambling" sessions. Characters will wager unique items, magical items, money, gems etc, on whether their character will defeat someone elses character. We will set out special boundaries, and you will only be allowed to enter the arena, and fight with what you have with you at the time. This means no portals back to safety, it's a Battle to the Death After the battle is over, the deceased will be given back their items equipped and what was wagered will be payed.

We may even set up tournaments, and seed characters. Also as we progress, we may have more sessions of play, and rules of course may change over time. Right now thhe sky is the limit. If you have a good idea to add to this please e-mail me and tell me. Now, I bet you wonder how to join???? All you have to do is Upload your information to me. Make sure you include your character class, and Character name, and the next game opened you will recieve an e-mail containing the Host Address.

Misner's Diablo II is in no way affialiated with Blizzard Entertainment. Please if you have any questions requarding the content on this site please e-mail me at